Who Are We?

4 Yanks 1 Aussie was created after 5 young men spent way too much time (and money) drinking in San Francisco, California during Kinda Funny’s annual live event. What started off as awkward group chats and even more awkward introductions, quickly blossomed into a beautiful friendship. Sam Atherton, Elmer Guardado, Cassidy Sargent, Andrew Street (the Yanks), and Nato Johnston (the Aussie) gather weekly to catch up and talk about dumb nerd shit and anything else relevant to their incredibly different lives. Are you lonely and need some friends? Give us a listen. Are you a 15-year-old girl who’s into hot* foreign accents? Give us a listen. Are you in a miserable relationship where your partner makes you feel like garbage? Go end that shit, but then come back and give us a listen.

*it’s an Australian accent so it’s not really that hot.

The Yanks

Sam Atherton

Hold up your right hand. Now you've got a map of where Sam is from (Get it? Because your right-hand looks like the outline of Michigan? No? Okay). After graduating from college with a degree in graphic design, Sam left Michigan and moved out west to beautiful Santa Monica, California, until he packed up again and moved to the Big Apple where he resides now (until he undoubtedly moves again). By day he works as a graphic designer, making logos and stumbling his way through coding websites, but by night he's an avid cook, gamer, and comic book reader. Sam is the third youngest member of 4Y1A, can quote The Office for days, and is responsible for all the dank graphics on the site.

Elmer Guardado

Hailing from sunny Los Angeles, California, Elmer Guardado (yes, like the glue) currently attends the University of Missouri (yes, the racist one) and spends most of his time producing and writing sketch comedy in Columbia, MO. His other hobbies include shitting on any state that isn’t California, spending way too much money on whiskey, and excessively using the words “fuck” and “hella.” As the youngest host on 4Y1A, Elmer is responsible for keeping old man Nato hip and relevant, talking Cassidy off the ledge, convincing Sam to get more Spider-Man tattoos, and constantly reminding Andrew that the most accurate depiction of his homeland is still MTV’s Jersey Shore.

Cassidy Sargent

Born on the best coast and raised in the wilds of suburbia outside of Portland, Oregon, Cassidy Sargent is a nationally published poet, a certified social butterfly (only when under the influence of alcohol), and a proud parent to a wonderful cat. After small beginnings, he went to school for Digital Technology and Culture at Washington State University and eventually moved in with his long time Mrs. (sorry ladies, he's taken). To keep food on the table he now works for a big web design company and in his off time he enjoys Netflix and chilling, playing games, reminiscing about 90’s culture, cheering on the Portland Timbers, dealing with crippling anxiety, and other nerd shit.


Andrew Street

The proudest East Coaster you'll ever meet, Andrew Street loves pumping his fist, but hates pumping his own gas (so in other words he doesn’t know how to pump his own gas). Andrew occupies his time by working towards a degree in Public & Mass Communication at The College of New Jersey, so when people ask you “Who the fuck would major in something as dumb as Comm?” you can reply with “Cute little Jersey nerds, that’s who.” When Andrew isn’t pumping his own gas (so all the time), he enjoys traveling, drinking craft beer, and reminiscing about the Habbo Hotel heydays.